Saturday, March 17, 2012

是很忙, 还是在逃避吗?


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Thought of life

After CNY~~
Life have not much different.
Watching movie, series, anime almost every single minute i am awake.
Making my eye tired and my brain saturated with non-useful information.

Maybe this is the last enjoyable holiday for my studies period.
Should i be doing some more meaningful things?
I always thinking of many things can be done and have to be done.
However things never works out like planned.

Sometimes i just felt like i avoiding and running away from the reality in life, by focusing on those thing that keep my mind away from it, acting like a nerd drowning into all these unreal things.
Scared of facing people, facing growing old, and facing the real world.

However, time never stop and life goes on.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Toward the future...

Doing something for my future. by time seem very packed.
Intern, report, part time. when i can really concentrate on my things.. ><~~ T.T

Friday, July 1, 2011

late in nite.
but still dun wanna go sleep
even though tomorrow still need to go work.
I dun wanna go work.. ><
but still have to~.

Felt the intern become tougher.
Work like a real engineer
Drawing of the real design
Everything need to be calculated..
Make me stress..

Another month is passed again.
Should i be glad?
but still got one and a half month a wait..
till the intern end..

Many things changes during this sem break,
or for me is intern..
1st time work as real engineer,
1st time go for part time,
1st time cook with friends,
1st time go paint wall,
maybe still got many 1st time that i cant remember.

Happy things happens alot,
can join with best friends every week.
talking to each other,
working together.

Some other things happen to my friend,
nothing i can do since it is personal,
somemore i never had any experience in it.
Love, what is it? 23 years without really over-concern about it,
although sometimes really hope got someone beside..
support me unconditionally,
give me warm,
Am i too steady not needing it?
Heart been touched, but body doesn't,
Where is the impulse of love, rushing toward it recklessly?
dun have enough faith on myslef or on others?

Maybe i just a coward.. that afraid of unknown...
always press down the reckless emotion,
taking up the phone and then put it down.
starting a conversation but failed to continued it.
Make me look really weak~~
I can just become a good man,
happy for ur happiness,
sad for ur sadness,
help unconditionally,
without let u notice....... but not like a stalker.. X(
although i read some books that say
let people know when u treat people good.
but still the same me after so long..

What else can i do?
Hope for someone would come for me? that wouldn't happen,
Hope for someone appear and give a hyper impact on me,
pushing me out? waiting for more 23 years...
Or just happen to become alone? Not the best way to live ever.

Tomorrow work would be more tougher without enough sleep....
i am not EMO!!!!!!!! just thinking more lately.. ^^ as a living people..
~looking at ur smiley face make my world better~

Saturday, May 28, 2011

intern- ing days~~

Another long period didnt write blog..
Just dun have any mood on it..
life is become more and more messy now..
after the ending of the 3rd year study
it is time for the internship.
Many problem have been pop out no where for the internship.
but finally i still a place for it.

the internship is at Shah Alam and i am staying at PJ currently.
means that i have to take more than half hour to reach there by car.
that one need to thanks my coursemate.. XD

Still cannot find back the blogging mode..
then that all for now.. haha

Wish all my friends.. enjoy this long long holiday lar..
for those in intern one.. add oil..
some of you have graduate dy.. really congratz to ur guys..
it is time to face the real world..
just do your best.. ^^

Monday, April 18, 2011

Good & Bad

Bad things always follows by good things.
This should be the best things about life.
But it also happen in vise-versa.
These type of things happens to me often.
Always make me feel miserable when somethings just pop out
When i feel very enjoy for my life.

Last week was a week that makes me really proud and happy.
I and my team spends almost 1 weeks of time everyday from morning till night
working on the prototype of machine in one of my subject.
My hand is full of small wounds due to those works.
The machine built is been exhibited in our department.
Since this is a subject (Industrial Project) of my course.
Where our machine will be marked by someone from SIRIM, Proton, and Motorola company.
And in the end, my team manage to get the 1st prize.
It was just a hamper. XD
But it is a long time since i have won anything. ^^

My Team Machine : Waste Sorting Machine.. XD

Then the next week is study week.
Playing, enjoying, with abit of happiness that left over from last week.
Until get some bad news about my internship.
GOT PROBLEM!!! Suddenly felt like drop from sky.
Hope it can be solved. If not need to find again.
Life is difficult. X(

Yesterday going to Klang to eat bak gut teh with a bunch of friends.
Some of them will be graduated. i will be missing them. ^^
1st time go Klang .. the food is not bad~~ not too expensive.. very full..