Monday, January 10, 2011

Day 9

Life being abit loss controlled recently
maybe the holiday is too short?
still cannot adjust my life back into study
although the school have been start for a week.

9 days been passed for the new year.
but i still keep watching drama, anime, movie..
there are still important things need to be done
but i just delay it till the last minute
every time. Habit ? not a good one. Xp

My toe is being infected
really hurt for few days
after an hour of fighting with the wound
pinching all the pus out
pain like hell...... T.T
but starting to recover..
Now keep thinking my room is bad luck
been few times since i stay here last semester.
got anything can bring good luck such as charm?
just to keep me healthy....

Black pepper chicken chop from Wings cafe~
It is a birthday celebration of a friend~ ^^

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