Friday, November 19, 2010

Last day at home

After of two week staying at home in this study week, it will end really soon. Tomorrow will be back to KL where exams are waiting for me there.

I only went out twice for this two week, went to grocery near my house and cut my hair which is also near my house.
Passed everyday in front of my laptop, watching darma, anime, move and download plenty of mv plus abit study .. XD
Really will be rotten in home~

Exam~ not really in stress mode, although found out that many things need to memorize this semester. Felt saturated.

Cant sleep these few days, my brother play music with his mobile phone until he sleep, so i need to shut it down after he slept. Some more his respirator system not really good, keep snoring~~

my brain keep functioning when i lying on my bed~
thinking of useless thing most the time. But i got think of a nice story yesterday~
Need to write it down, seem like my memories not very good~
i always forgot story and ideas i have thought.

Saw someone using food in their blog~~ very nice..

Every food represent a little bit of happiness in our life~

This one "biscut kelapa", actually is coconut biscuit~
My mother bought it for me cause i keep saying nothing to bite in home during these holiday~

But, i only ate 2 pieces, keep busying in front of my laptop~XD

The exam week will start soon~ good luck to all my friends~ ^^

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